Professional Dating Agency

The Premier Introductions’ team is connected by strong values and a passion for our mission. We believe in shaping a better world for our clients — through the successes of their matches and the triumphs in their journey along the way. We strive every day to live up to our values in our client work and beyond.

Premier Introductions provides you with a professional alternative to the typical forms of dating. Our dedicated group of experts helps guide you through one of the most important aspects of your life. We understand that bars, clubs and online dating is unsafe, risky and a recipe for disappointment. Our service is based on trust and commitment: your trust in our experienced matchmakers to introduce you to like-minded individuals, and our commitment to work diligently to help you find your quintessential partner.

We understand that stepping out of your comfort zone is not always easy. But we can help. Our knowledgeable, experienced and passionate team will guide you along the way. We will ask the right questions as you rediscover yourself and your needs. We will help you understand what truly makes you happy in a relationship, which is the key to distinguishing the right partner and to having a long-lasting successful partnership.

We offer our members a dating experience like no other. Our dedicated matchmakers strive to provide an intimate experience and give you the personal attention that you deserve. Our success depends on our ability to create memorable and defining moments over the course of your dating experience that will ultimately lead you to meeting and recognizing your perfect partner.