Signs that it is really true love

When you first begin a new relationship it is sometimes very hard to determine if it is actually true love or infatuation. Your heart pounds when you pick up your cell phone and you see it is them on the other end contacting you. When you kiss you feel butterflies in your stomach and go weak in the knees. How do you know if this is the excitement of a new relationship or actually true love? True love takes time to grow and is much deeper than infatuation or sexual attraction. Continue reading

Reasons to have more sex with your partner

Couples often become complacent in their relationship or get too caught up with other things and forget the importance of a healthy sex life. What often happens after the “honeymoon stage” is we get caught up in our day to day lives and forget how important and how much better we feel when we take the time to show our partner how loved and appreciated they are. We also forget how good it feels to be loved. Sex releases oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” which makes you feel loved and increases your bond with your partner. Here are a couple of the many physical and emotional benefits of having sex with your partner more often.

Reasons to have more sex with your partner

It Improves Your Relationship

  • Sexually satisfied partners feel more fulfilled in their relationships. They seem to communicate better and argue less often. Feeling loved and showing love makes you feel closer to each other and creates a connection and bond that cannot easily be broken. It makes you feel desirable and wanted and let’s your partner know you feel the same about them. It makes the problems of the day seem less significant and makes you realize together you are stronger than apart and no matter what you are not alone. You will always have the love and support of each other.

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How to make your relationship last?

There is nothing more important than spending quality time with your partner. When a relationship is new we tend to make more time for our partner but; as time goes on it becomes even more important to spend quality time together and not take each other for granted. Long lasting couples make sure they maintain love, passion and friendship regardless of all external challenges. It is important to always make each other a priority.
How to make your relationship last?
Laugh Together and Love Together
• The truth is laughter really is the best medicine. Take time to laugh together play together and have fun together. We get so busy with life and our careers, that a quick text to just say “I am thinking of you” or to share something funny that may have happened goes a long way. Continue reading

Tips for Men on How to Approach a Beautiful Woman?

When we see a beautiful stranger often we feel awkward so we avert our eyes and let the moment pass. In that one moment we dream up thousands of excuses on why not to introduce ourselves instead of one good reason as to why we should. Here are some tips on how to live in the moment and make it happen.

Tips for Men on How to Approach a Beautiful Woman?

Take Baby Steps
• It is very easy to make idle chit chat. Approach her with something as simple as do you have the time? Always smile; a nice warm smile speaks a thousand words. Keep it simple. What you say is not nearly as important as how you say it. Continue reading

Top Reasons Why Showing Your Emotions Can Make You A Better Person

The ability to express your emotions, to be compassionate and to show your feelings is not something we should be embarrassed about or be afraid to express. For years women have felt the need to hide their feelings in fear of being called over emotional. Emotions are great as they make us who we are and allow us to experience life fully. Here are some reasons why it’s important to show your emotions.

Make You A Better Person

We Are Great Problem Solvers
• We are the ones who use our emotional skills to avoid conflict. We feel for others and are able to find a common ground to bring people together. Emotional understanding is actually a very valuable asset in developing good business acumen. Continue reading

Similarities Between Dating and Working Out

It is very important to stay active and physically fit. When we are younger we are often involved in many physical activities and sports. Playing tennis through college is better exercise then you think. Deciding to join a gym again and start working out years later is not so easy. Taking your first aerobics class after years there is a realization that you are no longer fit and in shape and things have changed and you have to work on it. Starting dating again after you have been in a relationship for a while and not dated for years can be very similar.

Similarities Between Dating & Working Out

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Great First Date Ideas in Toronto

There are endless possibilities for a first date in Toronto. The beauty of living in an amazing city where there are so many fun things to do is you can be a little creative with where to go and what to do on that first date. Remember you want to have fun and put your best foot forward in an environment that you will both be comfortable in. Here are a few great ideas of where you can go on that first date.

Great First Date Ideas

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How Singles Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is a holiday observed on February 14th each year and celebrated in many countries around the world. The day was first associated with romantic love and evolved into a day where lover’s expressed their love for each other through cards and gifts such as candy, flowers

Valentine's Day Tips

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Red Flags That Might Lead To The End Of A Relationship

When a relationship begins we so often ignore things that could be red flags down the road. These issues that might not have seemed “HUGE” in the beginning can become a major problem and lead to the end of a relationship. These are a few of the things to watch out for as they possibly will lead to future problems down the road.

Red Flags Leading To End Of Relationships

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New Year’s Resolutions 2015

The New Year has come and with the New Year like everyone else we tend to make promises to ourselves that for one reason or another we have trouble sticking to. Positive thoughts and focusing on what is important to us and organizing our time so we can make these things a reality will help us reach our goals this year. Here are a few of the top resolutions’ of 2015.

New Year's Resolutions 2015

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