A Single Guy’s Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date

We finally got her to agree to go out with us and we now put so much pressure and anxiety on what we should and should not do on that first date. After all it is that first opportunity which determines whether she will consider having a second date with us let alone the possibility of a relationship. Here are some tips on what you should and should not do.

Make Definite Plans
• It is a first date be a gentleman and make definite plans on where you are going and if you are picking her up or meeting her somewhere. Be clear with time and place and remember you asked her out be a gentleman and pick up the bill. Continue reading

Festivals and Events to Bring a Date to

One of the Best things about Toronto in the spring and summer is the numerous amounts of festivals and events that take place. There is nothing more enjoyable than bringing a date to one of your favourite festivals or events. Here are a few of my favourites.

• The Luminato Festival is an annual 10 day celebration of Toronto’s Art and Creativity. It begins on June 19th and runs through to June 28th. Continue reading

Tips For Men: How To Get A Woman Interested In You?

Women everywhere love to be chased. They want a man to show interest in them and then they enjoy nothing more than the chase. How do you stand out from every other guy and get the woman you want interested in you? Here are a couple tips on getting her attention and keeping it.

Create a Time Constraint
• You have her attention she seems interested and you are in the midst of a conversation. Be more interesting than the next guy and ask questions that are not typical and warrant her to ask a question back. Continue reading

Signs That Tell That You Are In “Love”

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful things that can ever happen to you. You realize this is the first person you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last person you think about when you go to bed at night. You cannot imagine life without them in it. It is scary and exciting when you finally realize this person could be “the one.” This person brings joy and happiness into your life and everything seems better when they are around. Here are some true signs that you are in love. Continue reading

Top Toronto Date Ideas for Romantic Couples

There is nothing more important than keeping the romance alive in any relationship. Whether you have been with your partner for 6 months or 60 years you always want to keep the spark ignited. Here are a couple of ideas of where you can go with your partner in Toronto to keep the romance and passion alive.
Top Toronto Date Ideas For Romantic Couples
Couples Massage
• There is nothing more romantic than going to have a couple’s massage together at one of our amazing spas in the city. Whether you choose to go to Stillwater in the Grand Hyatt (http://www.parktoronto.hyatt.com/hyatt/pure/spas/) or Hammam on King Street (http://www.hammamspa.ca/) this is definitely something that will have you both relaxed and bring the romance back in to any relationship. Continue reading

Best First Date Ideas for the Outdoors

The weather has finally warmed up the sun is shining and we all feel reenergized. The cold days of winter are over and finally we can take that date outdoors. There is nothing like being able to enjoy the activities of spring in the fresh air. Here are a few great ideas for your outdoor date.
Best First Date Ideas For The Outdoors
The Picnic and Bike Date
• Time to get out the picnic basket and fill it with your favourite healthy snacks attach it to your bike and plan a bike ride that ends in a romantic picnic at the end of the afternoon. Continue reading

Summertime First Date Places in Toronto

The pressure of that first date and where to go is often something one can spend too much time worrying about. Living in a city as great as Toronto provides so many fun date venues where conversation can flow naturally as there is so much to talk about around you. A romantic formal meal is always great but; sometimes not the best place to choose when it comes to breaking the ice and getting to know someone. Here are a few of my favourite spots to go in Toronto.

Summertime Date Places Continue reading

Signs that it is really true love

When you first begin a new relationship it is sometimes very hard to determine if it is actually true love or infatuation. Your heart pounds when you pick up your cell phone and you see it is them on the other end contacting you. When you kiss you feel butterflies in your stomach and go weak in the knees. How do you know if this is the excitement of a new relationship or actually true love? True love takes time to grow and is much deeper than infatuation or sexual attraction.

Signs That It Is Really True Love Continue reading

Reasons to have more sex with your partner

Couples often become complacent in their relationship or get too caught up with other things and forget the importance of a healthy sex life. What often happens after the “honeymoon stage” is we get caught up in our day to day lives and forget how important and how much better we feel when we take the time to show our partner how loved and appreciated they are. We also forget how good it feels to be loved. Sex releases oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone” which makes you feel loved and increases your bond with your partner. Here are a couple of the many physical and emotional benefits of having sex with your partner more often.

Reasons to have more sex with your partner

It Improves Your Relationship

  • Sexually satisfied partners feel more fulfilled in their relationships. They seem to communicate better and argue less often. Feeling loved and showing love makes you feel closer to each other and creates a connection and bond that cannot easily be broken. It makes you feel desirable and wanted and let’s your partner know you feel the same about them. It makes the problems of the day seem less significant and makes you realize together you are stronger than apart and no matter what you are not alone. You will always have the love and support of each other.

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How to make your relationship last?

There is nothing more important than spending quality time with your partner. When a relationship is new we tend to make more time for our partner but; as time goes on it becomes even more important to spend quality time together and not take each other for granted. Long lasting couples make sure they maintain love, passion and friendship regardless of all external challenges. It is important to always make each other a priority.
How to make your relationship last?
Laugh Together and Love Together
• The truth is laughter really is the best medicine. Take time to laugh together play together and have fun together. We get so busy with life and our careers, that a quick text to just say “I am thinking of you” or to share something funny that may have happened goes a long way. Continue reading