A Single Guy’s Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date

We finally got her to agree to go out with us and we now put so much pressure and anxiety on what we should and should not do on that first date. After all it is that first opportunity which determines whether she will consider having a second date with us let alone the possibility of a relationship. Here are some tips on what you should and should not do.

Make Definite Plans
• It is a first date be a gentleman and make definite plans on where you are going and if you are picking her up or meeting her somewhere. Be clear with time and place and remember you asked her out be a gentleman and pick up the bill. If you decide to meet her at an outdoor patio after work or choose an exhibit at an art gallery you both have mentioned you would like to see pick an activity you know you will both enjoy where you will talk and get to know each other. Be on time and when you get there make sure you turn your cell phone off. There is nothing more annoying then constantly looking at your phone and texting someone else instead of paying attention to your date. Listen to what she is saying, Ask questions and show you are interested in what she is saying. There is nothing more important than being a good listener.

• It is very important to take your time and get to know each other and be able to communicate verbally and non verbally. Your body language shows a lot about whether you are interested or not. Don’t be afraid to touch her hand when you are telling her something. Don’t talk about ex’s or past relationships remember you are getting to know each other and not all of each other’s past baggage. Keep the conversation light and positive and talk about your interests and passions. Remember first dates are suppose to be fun and if you can make her laugh and smile you are on your way to a second date. Be truthful and honest and show you are confident and self aware. It is obvious there is chemistry between the two of you and that is very powerful but, make sure there is more than just chemistry and show her you are genuine and authentic and sincerely interested in her.

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