Best First Date Ideas for the Outdoors

The weather has finally warmed up the sun is shining and we all feel reenergized. The cold days of winter are over and finally we can take that date outdoors. There is nothing like being able to enjoy the activities of spring in the fresh air. Here are a few great ideas for your outdoor date.
Best First Date Ideas For The Outdoors
The Picnic and Bike Date
• Time to get out the picnic basket and fill it with your favourite healthy snacks attach it to your bike and plan a bike ride that ends in a romantic picnic at the end of the afternoon. There is nothing better than the feel of the fresh air on your face as you take a nice bike ride through your favourite area in the city and end it with a lovely picnic in your favourite park. You get the exercise you need that makes you feel healthy and energized and then can enjoy a romantic picnic in the fresh air and plan your next outdoor adventure together. Pack fresh fruit and veggies and sparkling water and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere.

Walk and an Outdoor Patio
• Take a long walk knowing at the end of the long walk you will be at one of your favourite outdoor patios. Plan your route and map it out on your phone GPS so you will know where you are going and approximately how long it will take you to get there. Your reward will be ending up at one of your favourite outdoor patios where you can have some of your favourite snacks and perhaps a wine spritzer or some sangria or if you prefer an ice cold beer. Perhaps bring a game that you can play while you sip on your favourite drink and do some people watching. Plan a different route home or if you are too tired you can always use Uber to take you home.

Outdoor Concerts
• Look at the outdoor concert listings that are playing at your favourite park or venue and plan a date that is sure to be success. Whether it is Ontario Place or Canada’s Wonderland or even your favourite park there is amazing outdoor entertainment that has already begun and continues all the way through until the end of the summer. There is nothing more enjoyable than having an outdoor date listening to some great music.

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