Festivals and Events to Bring a Date to

One of the Best things about Toronto in the spring and summer is the numerous amounts of festivals and events that take place. There is nothing more enjoyable than bringing a date to one of your favourite festivals or events. Here are a few of my favourites.

• The Luminato Festival is an annual 10 day celebration of Toronto’s Art and Creativity. It begins on June 19th and runs through to June 28th. The festival is filled with events around the city showcasing music, visual arts, literature, theatre, film and food. The Festival Hub at David Pecaut Square would be a great place to bring a date and enjoy the flavour of Pan American culture and cuisine. On June 28th the Toronto Symphony Orchestra performs a free outdoor concert from 4 to 6pm. Luminato is an amazing festival to share a date with as there is so much to see and enjoy with someone special.

Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival
• The Toronto Downtown Jazz festival has hundreds of artists performing all styles of jazz at clubs, theatres and outdoor stages throughout the downtown area of Toronto. The Toronto Jazz festival begins June 18th and ends on June 29th. Music lovers will have the opportunity to be entertained by over 1500 musicians performing over 350+ concerts in just 12 days. There are outdoor performances daily (or early evening) at no cost at Nathan Phillips Square.

Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival
• The Toronto Fringe Festival takes place July 1st to the 12th. It takes place in the Centre for Innovation in the Annex. Toronto’s largest theatre festival caters to people’s eclectic tastes with over 1000 innovative performances. It is a festival where anyone can put on any show without passing through a jury. Lots of big shows got their start at this festival. Take a chance you never know what you are going to see. Sometimes what you least expect to be a great performance turns out to be the best. Give yourself plenty of time when heading to a show as they will not let you in if you are late. This is an amazing fun thing to do on a date as you have the opportunity to share something new and experience it together.

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