How to make your relationship last?

There is nothing more important than spending quality time with your partner. When a relationship is new we tend to make more time for our partner but; as time goes on it becomes even more important to spend quality time together and not take each other for granted. Long lasting couples make sure they maintain love, passion and friendship regardless of all external challenges. It is important to always make each other a priority.
How to make your relationship last?
Laugh Together and Love Together
• The truth is laughter really is the best medicine. Take time to laugh together play together and have fun together. We get so busy with life and our careers, that a quick text to just say “I am thinking of you” or to share something funny that may have happened goes a long way.

There is nothing more important than date night to make sure your relationship does not get into a rut. If once a week is unreasonable than make time for it every other week. Perhaps date night is taking a cooking class together or going salsa dancing or just taking an evening every other week to go to a trendy restaurant. Take the time to talk to each other and listen to each other away from all other distractions. Make sure to keep your cell phone off and really enjoy your time together.

Set a Goal Together
• There is nothing that is more important in a relationship then setting a goal together. It could be something like deciding to shed 10 pounds together that you have put on over the winter months and building a plan to do it. From healthy eating together, to working out in the morning together, to weighing in weekly together. It could be putting a certain amount of money away a week together in a joint bank account to save up for that Wine Tasting vacation in Tuscany for 12 days you have both been dreaming of. Common goals inspire both of you and give you both something to look forward to together.

• Intimacy is an important part of every relationship. We often forget that intimacy is not just having sex. It is the little things like giving each other a hug when you see each other. Or reaching for your partners hand when you are running through the mall together to pick up something you forgot at the last minute. Touching each other creates a close physical and emotional connection and allows you to let each other know the love is still there.

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