Signs that it is really true love

When you first begin a new relationship it is sometimes very hard to determine if it is actually true love or infatuation. Your heart pounds when you pick up your cell phone and you see it is them on the other end contacting you. When you kiss you feel butterflies in your stomach and go weak in the knees. How do you know if this is the excitement of a new relationship or actually true love? True love takes time to grow and is much deeper than infatuation or sexual attraction.

Signs That It Is Really True Love
True love knows no depth and does not come around often and that is how you will know it is genuine. It cannot be forced and when you find it, there is nothing else that compares. Although true love is hard to define the signs can be clearly seen and here are a couple of them.

You Put Their Happiness Before Yours
• You see something and instead of thinking about how happy it would make you, you think about how happy it would make them. You make sacrifices’ for their happiness or well being even if they may never realize it. You beam with pride when they achieve something even if it is something you have failed at. They can get mad, or depressed or angry in front of you and it won’t change how you feel about them and you know if you get mad or angry or depressed in front of them it won’t change how they feel about you.

You Never Grow Tired of Their Company
• In a good relationship it is important to have your own space and grow as individuals but at the same time if you truly love your partner you see them as part of your life and always by your side. You never grow tired of their company, even if you are sitting in silence each doing your own thing; you are content simply knowing they are there. You associate certain scents with them it could be the cologne they wear in the morning when they go to work or the smell of their pillow in the bed beside you. You want to take care of them and nothing seems like a burden when you are doing it for them. You respect their opinion and are always willing to listen to what they have to say. You wake up happy just knowing you are going to see them that evening.

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