Signs That Tell That You Are In “Love”

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful things that can ever happen to you. You realize this is the first person you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last person you think about when you go to bed at night. You cannot imagine life without them in it. It is scary and exciting when you finally realize this person could be “the one.” This person brings joy and happiness into your life and everything seems better when they are around. Here are some true signs that you are in love.

You Put Their Needs Before Yours
• Before you met this person you were first on the totem pole. You put your needs before anyone else’s. Once you fall in love that person’s needs naturally come before yours. Love is selfless and your significant other’s needs naturally just seem more important than yours. This does not mean that you lose yourself in your partner it just means you are in love and you want to put them first.

You Think About the Future
• When you fall in love you naturally want to plan your future. Where you would like to live? When you would like to take your next vacation? When you think about these things your significant other is in that future and part of those thoughts. You have never thought about buying a home before and now that seems to be your first priority as you want to make a home with them. You are more motivated at work and your career aspirations are never ending. Life is good and it is all about your long-term goals with this person.

Love is Unconditional
• When you are truly in love you value that person’s opinion. You respect what they have to say and take their opinion in to consideration before making any big decisions as what they say really matters to you. You truly care what they think and respect their ideas and thoughts. True love is unconditional. You love your significant other no matter what. If they gain 5 pounds or cut their hair they are still beautiful to you. You put their happiness before yours and you cannot imagine life without them. Their imperfections make them even more beautiful to you. You love them for who they truly are and they love you back the same way. They enhance your life and make even the most difficult days a little better.

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