Tips For Men: How To Get A Woman Interested In You?

Women everywhere love to be chased. They want a man to show interest in them and then they enjoy nothing more than the chase. How do you stand out from every other guy and get the woman you want interested in you? Here are a couple tips on getting her attention and keeping it.

Create a Time Constraint
• You have her attention she seems interested and you are in the midst of a conversation. Be more interesting than the next guy and ask questions that are not typical and warrant her to ask a question back. For example; Do I detect an American accent are you from the States? This is much more effective than saying where are you from and shows you are actually paying attention. Her answer could be I went to NYU could you really hear that? Once she is asking you questions back create a time constraint and set up an assumptive, confident next meeting or first date. For example I have to get back to the office but I would love to continue this conversation; what’s your favourite bar in this area? When she answers; say great how about tomorrow after work I will see you there at 6. Confidence always closes the deal and you have walked away making her want to know more.

Be A Little Mysterious
• You want her to chase you and a perfect way to make this happen is to make her wait a little before answering her questions. A little mystery will keep her intrigued. There is nothing that a woman hates more than a guy who does not stop rambling on about himself without asking any questions about her. Show her you are really interested there is nothing that a woman likes more than to hear really? I find that fascinating? Can you tell me more? If you radiate confidence and a little mystery she will be interested.

A beautiful woman is chased by many guys on a regular basis it is important for you to be different and stand out above the rest. Paying attention to things most guys would not notice is a must. Having to leave when she is interested is the perfect time to set up the assumptive date. Confidence and a little mystery will ensure she wants to see you again!

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