Top Toronto Date Ideas for Romantic Couples

There is nothing more important than keeping the romance alive in any relationship. Whether you have been with your partner for 6 months or 60 years you always want to keep the spark ignited. Here are a couple of ideas of where you can go with your partner in Toronto to keep the romance and passion alive.
Top Toronto Date Ideas For Romantic Couples
Couples Massage
• There is nothing more romantic than going to have a couple’s massage together at one of our amazing spas in the city. Whether you choose to go to Stillwater in the Grand Hyatt ( or Hammam on King Street ( this is definitely something that will have you both relaxed and bring the romance back in to any relationship. Another suggestion would be to take a weekend away to your favourite romantic spot and again I would recommend Langdon Hall in Cambridge ( Have a romantic dinner in their famous and fabulous dining room and then have the masseuse come to your room for a couples massage by candlelight with the scent of lavender in the room. The rest of the evening is bound to be as romantic as the beginning.

Couples Activities
• Any weekly activity you plan as a couple and choose to do with other couples is sure to keep your romance alive and your communication and appreciation for each other in tact. A great suggestion would be to take a dance class together and choose something as sexy as salsa dancing or the tango in one of our various dance studios in the city. This will not only be fun but it will remind you of the importance of touching and being touched. I would also recommend for those foodies out there a couples cooking class. Whether you are into healthy cooking to go with your healthier lifestyle why not learn how to make delicious and healthy meals together. If you are passionate about French cuisine why not take a gourmet French cooking class together. Whatever you may choose doing these activities together is sure to keep your romance alive.

Star Gazing
• On a quiet clear evening there is nothing nicer than pouring a glass of wine or a snifter of cognac and going out onto your backyard or rooftop deck to stare up into the evening sky. Share some wonderful quiet time together while you gaze up into the beautiful evening sky to do some star gazing and search for the Big Dipper.

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