1. Where do your clients come from?
  2. Our professional matchmakers are highly sought after and our clients are not confined to one particular region or demographic. Our members often learn about our dating agency services through newspapers such as the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and Toronto Life Magazine. They also see us on various billboards around the city or simply go online and search for matchmaking service in Toronto. We also receive a fair number of referrals from existing happy clients.

  3. What are your fees?
  4. Our matchmaking service fees are based on our clients’ individual needs. Until we meet with you, and understand your needs and wants, we are unable to determine the exact fees. The consultation with our relationship counsellor is complimentary. This is used to assess whether you are a good candidate for our professional matchmaking service as well as give you an opportunity to learn about us.

  5. How do you decide who to match me with?
  6. Our experienced matchmakers propose potential matches based on goals and objectives, common interests and personality traits. We obviously also take physical appearance and attraction into consideration as we understand this is important as well. While the matchmaking process relies heavily on the methodologies that have been developed and perfected over the years, it also relies on a human interaction with our matchmakers. In other words, it is definitely a mix of art and science.

  7. How long have you been in business?
  8. Our professional matchmaking service has been in business for over 6 years and our relationship counsellors and our experienced matchmakers have been in the industry for over 10 years.

  9. How do you measure your success?
  10. Measuring the success of a dating agency is quite simple: the success rate of our members. Word of mouth is a largest part of our advertising and the continuous stream of referrals suggests that our members are happy and successful in meeting their right partner. Our professional matchmakers take great pride in their work and the success of their individual members.

  11. How long will the process the take?
  12. The matchmaking process takes approximately 18 months. We encourage you take your time and enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. The dating process also encourages self-discovery, something a lot of our dating agency members appreciate greatly.

  13. How do you screen your members?
  14. Our matchmaking services relies heavily on the screening process as we meet all our members face to face and make sure everyone is really who they say they are.  We also screen for unwanted surprises such as criminal convictions or substance abuse.

  15. What areas do you service?
  16. Our matchmaking service is located in the heart of Toronto; however, we service a number of other cities in southern Ontario: Oakville, Mississauga, London, Burlington, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Milton, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Kingston and many more.

  17. Can you service people outside your area?
  18. Yes, despite the fact that our dating service is centred in Toronto, we can and are happy toservice clients from any location within Canada. The client will have to commit to come into one of the areas we do service to meet their introductions. Our Toronto dating service members come from all over Canada, based on their needs and their ability to travel.

  19. I am very attractive, successful and cultured why would I use your matchmaking service?
  20. You are a typical member of our professional matchmaking service. Our clients are attractive, successful, but busy professionals. They lead active lives and are not interested in putting their profile online or going to the bar to meet someone. Their time is important to them and they know their needs and wants. Our dating agency members are selective, they have discerning tastes, and they value the advice of a professional in their search to meet the right partner.