Professional Dating Services

Single, intelligent, attractive and successful, our members are discerning and share a common goal: the pursuit of excellence.

We cater to individuals who share a commonality that unites them: they are emotionally available and ready to begin a loving relationship. Our members are diverse in their personal interests and their life experiences. They are self-motivated, passionate and successful in facing new challenges.

Our members live full and active lives but strive for success in all facets of their lives. As a result, they do not have the time to search through the impersonal bar, club or Internet scenes looking for the wrong types. Our members are not interested in people who are simply not motivated by the same things as they are. Premier Introductions members are ready to be in a relationship and are determined to meet somebody who shares the same passion for life that they do.

At Premier Introductions, we believe in the importance of investing your time and energy into what makes you happy and this includes having a loving partner that you desire. Our members share this ideal and dedicate themselves to attaining their relationship goals, just as they would in their careers and other interests.

Our exceptional members drive the success of our organization. We are proud of their individual achievements and we let their rewarding experiences speak for themselves.

At Premier Introductions we offer a wide array of Matchmaking services catered to a specific age group or type of individual, such as: