Dating Services For Single Dads

You are a single dad and you absolutely love being a father. You have a great career and wonderful friends and family. You enjoy the time you get to spend with your child and you have an exciting and fulfilling life.

Despite all the success, you feel that something is still missing. You want to share your accomplishments with someone that understands you and your situation. You are a caring father and you do not want to bring just anyone into your child’s life. They have to be sincere, genuine and understanding in order for you to even consider introducing them to your family.

Your spare time is very valuable and you do not wish to waste any part of it on dates and relationships that have no future. That is where we come in!

Our experienced matchmakers, based out of Toronto, will seek out your perfect partners while you devote your time to what really matters, your child. Premier Introductions, our professional matchmaking service, is a perfect channel for single fathers with very little free time who are looking for a lifetime companion. You have had to deal with a lot over the years and we believe that it is time to realign the focus back to you. Our professional matchmakers will guide you on a journey of self-rediscovery and help you find a partner who shares your goals and interests, and who appreciates the relationship you have with your children. Call us today!