Premier Introductions Members Experiences

Going to a matchmaker was something I never dreamed of doing. I was after all very attractive, intelligent and surrounded with amazing friends. My divorce came as a shock to me and it took me a few years being a mother of 2 young children to even consider dating. When a colleague asked me out I was flattered but; certainly not willing to go down that road. Friends were trying to set me up and get me going and I just was not into it. I saw Premier Introductions one Saturday morning in the Globe and Mail and cut out their information. I certainly was not interested in online dating and although I was getting asked out more and more often I was not interested in the men who were interested in me. Don’t get me wrong they were terrific men but; I did not want to date someone younger than me, or someone who would not understand my children came first or a colleague or business associate and ruin a successful business or working relationship if things did not work out.

One morning I was looking for change and the Premier Ad fell out so I decided this was a sign and it was time to give them a call. I spoke to them, took down some information and made an appointment for that weekend. The weekend came and I was so nervous about actually considering using a matchmaker that I almost cancelled my appointment. When I got to their offices I was relieved to be meeting with a lovely warm woman who really made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. I left the office after deciding to work with Premier Introductions and spending a large amount of money hoping for the best but; feeling quite nervous about what would happen next. Within a couple of weeks I got called with my first referral. He sounded fine over the phone and we met for brunch on Sunday. It was a nice meeting and when he asked me out again I said yes without hesitation. After the second date I realized I wasn`t feeling it and asked for referral number 2. Referral 2, 3 and 4 were nice enough men but the connection was not there. I had lengthy conversations with my matchmaker as to what I was not feeling and what I wanted to feel. Referral 5 was the one. I actually knew the moment our eyes met that he was someone I wanted to get to know. He had smiling eyes and a wonderful calming voice. He was attractive, intelligent and witty and finally 14 months later we are engaged.

Thank you Premier Introductions!!!


Being 37 and single was not a problem for me but; seemed to be a problem for my parents, siblings and many of my married friends. I decided to take their advice and call an executive matchmaking service. I checked out several services and decided the one I wanted to meet with and felt most comfortable with was Premier Introductions. After an enjoyable consultation and many sleepless nights, I met my first referral. He was an absolute amazing gorgeous man, but unfortunately he did not return my feelings. My 2nd introduction liked me but; I certainly could not say the same. Several referrals later I met Don he was charming and persistent. He had a way of making the glass always seem half full even when it was empty. We have decided to move in together and I am quite excited. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I am even considering marriage and children. Who would have ever thought...?

Carol and Teresa you are the best!!!!



I travel extensively and really split my time between New York and Toronto. I knew eventually I wanted to settle in Toronto. Being an owner of a hedge fund and a partner in many other international investments I had very little time or interest in settling down. I had many lovely ladies in my life but; just had not met the right one. I finally decided I would enlist the help of Premier Introductions. I wanted someone who was not attracted to me because of who I was and what I had. I loved the idea that they would have no idea who I really was. I met several women over many months and was not sure this would ever work for me. Finally last August Premier Introductions introduced me to Vanessa. She was beautiful and carried herself with a quiet elegance. As she walked in the room I felt my heart pounding and I could see she was nervous too when she could not quite look me in the eyes. It has been over 6 months now and I think she is the one...

Premier you did it!



Being divorced and 57 and a workaholic with 3 grown children I had given up on finding a lady who would be interested in dating an older gentleman with my baggage. An ex wife, 2 dogs, 3 grown boys and still running a successful business that 2 of my sons were part of seemed quite a lot for any woman to take on. Would she understand the demanding hours I still worked or the fact my sons would always be a big part of my life? One of the ladies I dated for awhile insisted my dog came first as she could never understand why I had to go home to let him out before we went out for dinner. I have since solved that problem with a dog walker. The more women I dated the more sure I was I would never meet the right one. I had no problem meeting ladies and friends were always wanting to introduce me to someone else and quite frankly I was getting tired of dating. When my eldest son got engaged it reminded me of how happy I had once been and what I was missing in my life. I decided to hire Premier Introductions executive matchmaker Carol as she came highly recommended. I still remember her words to me after a lengthy meeting telling me they would do all the work I just had to show up for the date. I was skeptical but gave it a try.

A few months later I am now dating a lovely lady who welcomes my full life and independence and understands I have many responsibilities. We enjoy each other’s company and quite frankly I look forward to speaking to her at the end of each day and cannot wait until the next time we meet.

Thanks, Carol and the team at Premier Introductions I look forward to seeing where this goes please put my account on hold.



Wanting to do my due diligence I contacted several dating services before meeting with Premier Introductions. I went for a 90 minute consultation and after the interview I felt they had asked all the right questions and were truly genuine about being able to work with me. They did not make any promises or guarantees but I felt they had my best interests in mind. I want to thank their team for taking the time they did with me and let them know I am excited to meet my first match...